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6 Month Mayni Subscription Gift Box

6 Month Mayni Subscription Gift Box

Chocolate, Almond, Honey, Orange Acidity

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Specialty coffee grown by the Indigenous Mayni Community in the foothills of the Amazon Rainforests of eastern Peru.

By gifting this 6-month subscription you’re supporting the incredible work the community are doing to protect the forests that they call home.

Your gift will be dispatched a few days after placing your order (unless you’d like it to be sent on a specific date, please contact us once you’ve placed your order to arrange this).

Contained in the gift box will be 2 x 250g bags of our Indigenous Mayni Community Coffee: a medium roast, specialty coffee, with flavour notes of chocolate, honeycomb, almonds and orange. 500g is enough to make roughly 33 cups of coffee.

For that added touch, please add a gift message so the person receiving the gift knows who it’s from. We’ll add it as a note for that personal touch.

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Mayni Indigenous Community

  • Roast:
  • Varietal:
  • Origin:
  • Elevation:
  • Espresso, Filter, Omni
  • Caturra, Geisha & Typica
  • Peru
  • 1650 masl

In the rolling foothills of the Amazon rainforest, about six hours drive from the nearest town of Satipo in Eastern Peru, live a beautiful, isolated community who grow incredible coffee beneath the forest canopy. Amidst a vibrant tapestry of foliage and wildlife, The Mayni harness their natural landscape while protecting the ecosystem that surrounds them, ensuring the delicate balance between fauna and flora remains undisturbed.