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  • Shade grown & regeneratively farmed

    Grown naturally under the forest canopy and harvested keeping the canopy intact.

  • Supporting Indigenous communities

    Working alongside rainforest guardians and ensuring they’re paid top tier.

  • Traceable specialty coffee

    Beans that not only taste great, but that can be traced back to the source.

Dedicated to supporting
indigenous communities worldwide

Working closely with farmers and producers around the world, our mission is to help them grow specialty coffee sustainably, in harmony with the natural environment they live in.


The Mayni harness their natural landscape while protecting the natural eco-system, foliage and wildlife, expertly handpicking their beautiful crop to minimise any damage.

Discover our thoughtfully curated selection of house coffee blends

  • Regenerating soil

    Restoring and nurturing soil health for sustainable and fruitful coffee harvests.

  • Protecting biodiversity

    Preserving diverse life forms and ecosystems to ensure thriving forests.

  • Treading lightly

    Acting with minimal impact on the environment and leaving the smallest footprint possible.

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