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Why choose Easy Jose coffee

Unique and personal service for every client’s needs

Receive quality-assured, expertly roasted coffee

Tailored training programmes for your team

Management of equipment and coffee supply

Receive quick support from anywhere in the UK

Guidance to find the right equipment for you

Contribute to protecting our rainforests and biodiversity

Alternatively, you can email our Wholesale team directly at hello@easyjosecoffee.co.uk

Personalised Service

We aim to build long-term partnerships. We provide a truly unique service to suit the individual demands of each partner. Regularly visiting every client, providing a personal one-to-one service ensures continuity between ourselves and our partners. We work directly with your team to ensure quality and consistency is prevalent throughout your coffee service. Passing on years of knowledge of the industry to ensure you maximise the potential of your venue.


Serving great specialty coffee comes with experience and a determined focus to bring your customers perfection. We’re here every step of the way to help you and your team achieve your coffee goals and to help you produce that standout cup of coffee every time. Our training programmes are tailored to your team, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced barista - we are here to help. We also provide an online training service - Barista Hustle.

Engineering Support

As a busy coffee operator, you need to be focusing on running your day to day business and taking care of your customers. If you’d like Easy Jose to manage your equipment and water filtration alongside your coffee supply, we’ll gladly take that task off your hands. Our in-house engineer and extensive network of 3rd party engineers will provide everything from installation, aftercare, servicing and repairs.


We work extensively with Victoria Arduino & Nuova Simonelli alongside many excellent equipment manufacturers. Victoria Arduino are at the forefront of espresso machine innovation with a direct focus on energy saving. Finding the right equipment for your particular business and space is crucial to serving a great cup of coffee, consistently and in good time. It can make or break your business from the off. Let us guide you through the options and help you make the right decisions for your you. Outright purchase, financing and equipment rental, we offer all options.