How Traceable is Easy Jose Coffee?

How Traceable is Easy Jose Coffee?

Easy Jose pride ourselves on our unique and harmonious partnerships with the indigenous communities who grow our coffee. We are traceable, transparent and ethical; we know who we work with and we deeply respect them. But how traceable are we exactly?

Traceability should start with the farmers. Giving them this recognition and reputation allows more incentive for a consistent crop. This ultimately leads to a better plan for the future of the farmers.

Traceability within the coffee industry is fundamental in the ability to establish a relationship with the people who grew your coffee, and this makes your conscious coffee drinking experience all the greater.

Picking. Processing. Roasting. Grinding. Serve.

Our coffee is fully traceable every step of the way, from cherry to cup.


Grown in the Peruvian Amazon, our coffee is carefully and expertly hand-picked by our indigenous partners ready for their desired process. Through using selective hand-picking methods, only the cherries which are ripe enough are picked. This is an advantage over mechanical farming, which picks every cherry regardless of if they are ripe, which can lead to unbalanced notes in your cup. The farmer’s knowledge is pivotal here, as their understanding creates a much more balanced and consistent taste profile.

The closest community we work with is The Mayni community, deep within the rolling foothills of the Peruvian Amazon. To learn more about this incredible isolated community, please check out The Mayni page.

coffee cherry


After being transported to the dry mill in Satipo they continue the desired processing method. We will cover processing methods in a later blog, stay tuned for that. This is where the very best tasting lots are picked and shipped to the UK.

coffee drying after processing


Once landed, we roast this wonderful coffee in-house specifically to every order, whilst giving it the same love and care as the hands that picked them.

Our espresso roast is a medium roast profile (3 - 4 strength as a comparison if you’re used to using that scale). This roast brings out more traditional notes. The filter roast profile is a lot lighter, and will bring out more fruity notes.

roasted coffee

Grinding and Serve

After roasting, we dispatch our coffee to you wonderful folks. Our coffee is delivered to you either pre-ground or beans. If you choose pre-ground, getting the right grind for your brew method is really important. Make sure you select the right grind for how you brew your coffee.

The final step is totally up to you! However you brew your coffee, it’s super important to recognise the incredible journey your brew has taken.

 final cup of coffee


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