Our coffee is: ethically sourced - traceable to farm - eco-roasted

Speciality Coffee Supply

Our espresso and filter coffees originate from single origin mountain farms, estates and co-operatives and are selectively sourced and directly traded to ensure the highest quality product. Sourcing directly from the growers ensures that premium prices are paid, so putting more back into the system.

We support social, environmental and economic responsibility, particularly with regard to respect and fair payment for the fruit pickers – as the coffee we buy (speciality coffee) is still picked by hand. Many of the mountain farms we source from are naturally organic, are often family run using sustainable methods.

Our coffee is, in the main, strictly high grown meaning that it is low in acidity, naturally low in caffeine and of market-leading quality. Our decaff is either natural spring water or carbon dioxide processed without the use of any harsh chemicals.

Our premium arabica beans are roasted by one of the country’s finest artisan roasters using taste profiling to bring out the best flavours for each specific brewing method and blend.

We supply a boutique range of quality espresso blends and single-origins, filter coffees and decaff, along with as much advice and support as you require. easy jose is a trade coffee supplier to outlets in Bath, Bristol and the surrounding areas.